Fresh Media Lab
Fresh Lab: Documentary Image Improved by Dolby Technology

Partner: Dolby Lab

How to process audio/video of works with limited budget for the effective improvement of quality? Can documentary images be supported by film-class audio/video technology?

Dolby Vision changes your watching experience through extremely fresh and vivid image quality. Compared with ordinary pictures, Dolby Vision can bring unprecedented colors, unimaginable contrast ratio, 40 times of luminance and 10 times of darkness. Dolby Atmos produces a louder sound with better listener envelopment (LEV) to fill out your room and even above your room. In this way, it enables you to be integrated into the story and immersed in recreational experience. Based on the combination of the Dolby Vision and the Dolby Atmos, the lifelike image and sound flowing from the screen allow you to enjoy amazing recreation experience in a relaxed way.

In 2019, “Fresh Lab” invites experts from Dolby Lab to display audio/video improving technology and provide attendees with the highly cost-effective solutions.