Fresh dialogue
Image social impact across borders BBS

Co-organized: ansun film workshop, real video media, new history cooperative

The starting point of BBS is based on a group of documentary creators who are good at colliding social development with the video art area. They believe that the real power is the channel to reach the audience's heart and the source of changing the world. Whether it is education, medical care, social development, environmental protection or other hot topics of public concern, they are good at exploring and enlightening every social topic through storytelling, and influencing Chinese society -- this is their responsibility and original intention. However, in the past few years, people have become increasingly aware that the power of transmitting documentary images not only relies on the strength of creation, but more importantly inspires and drives the whole society to obtain support and influence resources, which has been neglected for a long time.

Given the rapid accumulation of information resources, how to gather social resources that pay attention to common topics, including policy makers, public welfare organizations, professional organizations, third-party forces, social enterprises, media, foundations and even the public, to build a trans-boundary platform and jointly promote social progress with images? How to find new and influential creative content and video paths through dialogue with different fields? This is our unshirkable challenge and unprecedented opportunity.