Pitches Wanted

On October 19, 2018, the fourth FreshPitch is formally launched to solicit pitches from all over the world. The fourth FreshPitch is planned to be held from June 1 to 3, 2019.

FreshPitch is dedicated to being a cross-boundary factual content summit through content VC and crossover dialogue for broad communication with varied activities including proposal, dialogue, screening, awards ceremony and media lab. The fourth FreshPitch will focus on cross-media narration and communication of real image.



1.The pitch submission deadline is 2200 on April 202019. Please click the link below to submit online. Mandatory fields are marked with an  in the entry form. A 3-5 minutes trailer is required for your proposal. For those proposals which have been submitted several times, we will take the last version. 

 Submission link: https://freshpitch.mikecrm.com/pc39oBi

△ QR code: you can also sign up by scanning the QR code below.


2019 pitch submission



Please upload your trailer (3-5 minutes) to BaiduPanor Vimeoand fill in the blanks in the entry form with download link and password. Those without a trailer will not be selected.


Shortlists and Awards

120 selected pitchescreators of the chosen pitches will enjoy free pitch trainingtranslating serviceand reservation priority for one-on-one meeting with decision makers.


2.Awards: FreshPitch offers a total of 200,000RMB in prizes for the gold, silver and bronze award (6 projects). The winner of a special prize - Peoples Choice Award will have all the money through crowdfunding in the pitching session.


3. A fund of over 5 million RMB will be pooled with contributions from international authorities and decision makers, who will choose good projects and team during the event.


4.FreshPitch Committee provide continuous consulting and follow-up marketing service.


The organization committee will publish the decision maker and guest lists, registration entryschedule and notes of the event in succession. If youd like to take part in the related activit­ies or cooperate with us, please follow the official Wechat, Weibo and website.


Official website: www.freshpitch.net

Official WeChat: 新鲜提案FreshPitch

Sina Weibo: @新鲜提案真实影像大会

Email: freshpitch@sina.com


About FreshPitch

Pitching is an important part of FreshPitch. During FreshPitch 2018, 130 fresh pitches were received from around the world, and 20 pitches were chosen into the face-to-face pitching session, 5 pitches were invited to attend all the activities. 115 pitches were received during FreshPitch 201720 pitches entered face-to-face pitching. 106 pitches were received in 201620 entered pitching session.


Award and closing ceremony of 2018 FreshPitch

List of shortlisted pitches in 2017

List of shortlisted pitches in 2016


      FreshPitch also brings together decision makers from different fields to communicate and create. FreshPitch attract innovation leaders and big-name practitioners in documentary field from around the world, whose ideas, experience, decisions and actions have been affecting the development of the industry profoundly, heavy-weight decision makers from other fields will also be invited to attend the event.


International decision makers in FreshPitch 2018

Decision makers in FreshPitch 2017(second part)


Quotations from the experts


I hope that FreshPitch can move ahead together with all creative producers who are enthusiastic and awed about recording, protect Chinese documentary producers, and create an environment for co-prosperity with additional materials and co-growth of various recording forms. With the foundation, documentaries appropriate to Chinese history and culture should be produced to establish a virtuous ecosystem that contributes to documentary development in China. I also hope that the devotion and persistence of all documentary producers can be rewarding.


——Li Chengcai, a scholarly producer sought after by political, commercial and academic elites, and an expert advisor to FreshPitch



This is an exciting era. Recording and publishing dribs and drabs of life have been a right and joy for almost all people. More eyes in the world find more stories, which will acquaint us with the other parts of the world. Thanks to connectivity, we can acquire new audiences. This provides a stronger force that makes a closer connection between ideas and actions.


——Zhao Qi, a world-renowned documentary producer and director, the founder of FreshPitch



Documentaries reveal the reason why we become us.They are not ethnic screams in a narrow sense, but clips produced in artistic forms with verism. It records the past, as well as the present and the future. I hope that audiences can appreciate the gentleness and vastness of the documentary format in addition to the cruelty and line drawing. Todays China needs calm constructors, deposits of wisdom and bold innovations.

——Gan Chao, a leader of the factual content cross-boundary industry, an expert advisor to FreshPitch