Conference information
The chat room of co-founder in FreshPitch has created!! Are you ready to ask questions face to face?

Xiao Long, co-founder of the new proposal conference, sits in the Q & A chat room and answers questions for you.

Co-founder and director of FreshPitch

Co-producer of documentary film "Shanghai's daughter";

Co- producer of documentary film "wild ball"

Chinese producers and distributors of Chinese and foreign 

Co-produced documentary series "the bluest sea in the world" 

and "Legend of British golf course"


What questions can I answer for you?

1、With high-quality proposals, I want to sign up for FreshPitch, and I still have questions about all links of submitting proposals.

2、If you want to sign up to participate in the activities of the conference, you have questions about the participation.

3、I'm an old friend who once attended the FreshPitch. I want to get more production services for the conference.

If you have any other consultation needs, please leave us a message by email.

What's time?

We have made an appointment for you to two time periods (choose one from the other)

A、April 16th 17:30-18:30

B、April 17th 10:00-11:00

How to participate?

Contact email:

Please mark "fresh Q & A  registration" on the title of the email, indicate the time period to be reserved in the email, and send the questions to us in written form. The staff will submit them for review in the order of registration. Don't forget to leave your contact information in the email, and the staff will contact you later.