Conference information
Your innovation has the chance to be known around the world——FreshPitch will collect innovative projects for the industry

2018 FreshPitch launched "Fresh Media Lab" with IDFA. China's innovative works can not only be displayed in the FreshPitch, but also be directly connected to IDFA new media lab through conference recommendation.

2019FreshPitch will launche "Fresh Buzz"with WCSFP.

"What's the buzzZ" is the key content of every WCSFP. It combs all kinds of innovations in the field of global documentary in that year.

In 2019, Mr.Paul Lewis, director of WCSFP conference, will be invited to share the cutting edge of global documentary field in 2018 with participants from five major parts: "most successful", "the latest trend", "most innovative", "little gems" and "looking forward to the future". Accordingly, FreshPitch will also share with participants all kinds of innovations in China's documentary field in the past year.

 most successful

the latest trend

most innovative

little gems

looking forward to the future

The international and domestic parts jointly form the activity content of "fresh buzz".

The domestic innovation content in "fresh buzz" will also have the opportunity to present to the global practitioners at the 2019 WCSFP.

If you think the project you are working on is worth sharing with the industry, you can contact the Organizing Committee of the conference. Contact email:, Please mark "fresh trend clue recommendation" on the email title and leave your contact information in the email. If your information is accepted, the organizing committee will contact you for further information.

The deadline for the collection of "fresh buzz" clues is 22:00 on May 10, 2019.