What do foreigners think of fresh documentaries?

Ove Rish j Jensen is the film and television media consultant of European documentary network (EDN). This is his third visit to dongshan town in suzhou. When it comes to the changes in the three years since the new proposal was proposed, Ove's intuitive feeling is "more international".

The road of internationalization is getting wider and wider

"In Europe, we are seeing more and more Chinese documentaries, which is definitely a significant step forward." Under the general trend of "going global" of Chinese documentaries, the fresh proposal real video conference (hereinafter referred to as "proposal conference") presents a cross-section of the documentary industry.

Over the past three years, the FreshPitch has taken a more international approach, with a wider range of participants. This year invited to Ove, international policymakers, Amsterdam international documentary film festival (IDFA), including the Toronto film festival (TIFF), Canadian international documentary film festival (HotDocs), head of the section and other international exhibition and Japan broadcasting association (NHK), the Discovery channel (Discovery), the New York times video department (NewYork Time Op - Doc) and other international institutions. It will not only enable Chinese documentary practitioners to hear more voices from the international industry, but also promote Chinese documentary creators to a broader platform.

"What I gained from the FreshPitch in the past two years is that I learned more about the dynamics of the industry, not only documentaries, but also new media." IThis year, Ove is still committed to finding good proposals and projects in China, so as to give financial or other help to the development of good projects in China through the documentary industry resources in Europe and North America brought by Ove. "Some local social problems reflected in Chinese documentaries are also global problems". From this perspective, Ove is full of expectations for the discovery of high-quality Chinese projects.

From "seeing" to "experiencing", the core of the documentary remains unchanged

The new "fresh media lab" was set up at this session of the conference to present cross-media, interactive, immersive, virtual reality and other innovative documentary video works from home and abroad. Talking about the digital technology for documentary film, Ove said "in the past we are 'watching' documentary, and now more is' experiencing 'documentary. Compared with the traditional linear narration of TV, the new digital technology broadens the narrating boundary of real images and provides richer means to tell the story more vividly, so that people can not only get the "immersive experience" in the visual sense, but also in the whole sense sense.

Returning to "content is the core", Ove believes that new media and tools have brought new communication methods to documentaries, while documentary stories are still the most important core.

Documentary service, how to incubate new content?

How to incubate new original content is a constant proposition of the conference and is constantly evolving. This year, tencent video cooperated with the proposal conference to set up a documentary fund and launch a program for young documentary directors. The fund, production and communication support will be provided to the proposal and creative team that have signed up to participate in the program, so as to facilitate the creation of authentic Chinese video works.

Ove's work as a film and television media consultant for the European documentary network (EDN) may shed some light on how to incubate Chinese documentaries. The European documentary network is a global network, with Europe as the core, providing various services in the documentary industry to more than 1000 members in more than 60 countries around the world. "For example, in cooperation with the sponsor conference, we will help them find suitable ways and partners in Europe or America according to the different needs of each film."