What kind of Chinese stories do foreigners want to hear?

Thom Powers, who is making his first appearance at the 2018 FreshPitch , expressed his appreciation for the event.

For Thom Powers, the FreshPitch is very meaningful as it connects the various components of the documentary industry, including producers and distributors, to form a network and platform. "I can get access to and understand the freshest and most interesting works presented every year. Many of the works proposed at this year's fresh proposal real video conference are excellent, and some of them I think can go to international film festivals, and I hope to see these finished films in the near future.

Thom Powers is a documentary filmmaker who has produced documentaries for HBO and PBS. Now, as a curator at the Toronto film festival documentary unit as well as America's largest documentary section DOC NYC's artistic director, Thom Powers hope that through this transformation can be used as a server, to give more help production team, builds the platform for the preparation and development of excellent documentary, establish contact, to present in front of the audience more outstanding works.

What kind of Chinese stories do westerners want to hear?

"Different target audiences sometimes determine the narrative." Thom Powers, curator of the documentary unit at the Toronto film festival and artistic director of DOC NYC, the largest documentary festival in the United States, advises documentary creators to first be clear about who their works are intended for, whether they are domestic or international. "If your work is for Chinese people, some of the content related to Chinese culture may not need too much explanation. But if you want a foreign audience to understand, you need to consider the issue of cultural differences, in what way to tell the story, how to narrow the cultural differences to make international friends understand that is worth thinking about.

Let the documentary into the cinema

"Documentary images are pure records of what really happened. This kind of documentary images give people the feeling of being 'fresh' all the time, so that we always keep learning and understanding different countries, nationalities and experiences in the real stories. According to Thom Powers, who prefers documentary films to fictional ones, both feature and short films have their own strengths, and one is not necessarily superior to the other. "Whether you choose a long film or a short film depends on the content. Sometimes a short film may not be able to tell the story in a profound way."

In the west, documentaries are often seen as a form of film rather than television. When we talk about Documentary, we can say "Documentary Film". As one of the world's largest film festivals, the Toronto film festival showcases more than 250 feature films from around the world every year, including about 50-70 countries. One of these films is documentaries, most of which are fiction films.

Over the past 10 years, Thom Powers has seen a growing number of Chinese film and television producers explore the international market through job opportunities, thinking about how to narrate, edit, produce and take the long term.

This trip to China has enabled Thom Powers to have a deeper understanding of the changes in China and the current situation and development of China's documentary industry. Thom Powers is looking forward to the internationalized expression of Chinese stories with these fresh ideas and proposals. "I hope to establish a connection and have in-depth dialogue with them, and I also hope to bring excellent Chinese documentaries to the international stage like Toronto and New York".

Thom Powers that the documentary film industry in China in the positive development of towards the sun, like a Fresh Pitch such activities is particularly important, "because it can China and international authors, customers, and the audience, for its provide opportunities for dialogue and exchanges, it all helps to documentary industry development is getting better and better, more and more far".