2018FreshPitch is on fire! IDFA pass and millions of funds are waiting for you

FreshPitch was founded in 2016, is focused on the discovery and encourage the growth of real image content industry trade and cultural exchange platform.It is based in China, the integration of international top industry resources; While taking root in real images, we also conduct in-depth cross-border cooperation in science and technology, media, design and other fields.

The FreshPitch has brought China's true image maker and its work to the world stage, and to the world's new perspective on youth China.

2018 FreshPitch live video conference will be held on May 28 on solstice 31. From now until April 30, we are soliciting proposals for real video creation from around the world. Looking forward to your participation!

2018FreshPitch's proposal video

What are the chances for the creators of this year's FreshPitch?

1、Selected IDFA DocLab

2、IDFA pass

3、Join the fresh director initiative

FreshPitch has teamed up with tencent video and record China to establish a "fresh director creation program". Tencent video will set up a 1 million creation fund to support the excellent projects of the fresh proposal conference, and the selected proposal will be funded by the fund, as well as the full production service provided by the fresh proposal production team. After the completion of the film will enter tencent video promotion plan, and record in China's national satellite TV platform broadcast.

4、Expert decision-makers meet at zero distance