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MARCH 27th, 2017  "FreshPitch" News Center 

“Fresh Pitch . Dongshan” summit will attract innovation leaders and big-name commissioning editors in the documentary field from around the world, whose ideas, experience, decisions and actions have been affecting the development of the industry profoundly. Heavy-weight decision makers will be invited to attend the event. The international decision makers to be invited include convergence media (e.g. BBC, NHK, New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, The Discovery Channel), innovative content platforms (e.g. Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Oculus) and industry platforms (e.g. European Documentary Network (EDN), HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Festival, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)). Moreover, telecom operators and mobile phone manufacturers will be invited together with big shots from the fields of real estate, public relations and advertising. 

Meanwhile, a Chinese advisory group is being formed by experts and advisors for the summit, who are also directors, producers and scholars with great insights into artistic creation and practical experience in commercial operation, including:


Chengcai Li, a sought-after scholarly artist

--“Find the Answer in the World to Any Question in China.”

“A person must think from the global perspective to make a contribution to the world.” As a profound and knowledgeable scholarly artist, Chengcai Li and his works Wall StreetThe Rise of the Great Powers,China Economic Review,The Glory of Innovationreflect on China under the challenge of globalization and explores the significant problems in modernization of China through his works Wall Street, The Rise of the Great Powers, Money, and The Glory of Innovation, surprising the elites in the political, commercial and academic circles of China.
A documentary is special for spread of science and knowledge. “Artistic creation is a great combination of perceptual and rational ideas,” making artistic works attractive to social elites. New image technology and financial investment provide huge space and impetus for creating quality work.

Qi Zhao, a pioneering and world-class documentary producer.

--“Financial security leads to more peaceful, rational and valued aspect of both attitude and content of film.”

Qi Zhao, a director and producer, has been a frequent winner of important documentary awards worldwide, such as the famous “The Chinese Documentary Producer with the Best Fund-raising Capability” in the documentary field of China. With his works Last Train Home, China Heavy Weight, Fallen City and The Chinese Mayor, Qi Zhao has been deepening his understanding of the world and received global recognition in the industry. He has gradually become aware of the value of professional producer. “A film without a professional producer is often underrated.” Therefore, he believes that a production system with producers will lead to a prosperous industry and maximize the value of films to both society and the marketplace.
Chao Gan, an inter-disciplinary leader in the documentary field.
 --“Today, we should focus on the industry development roadmap, and not simply see it as the same thing as artistic creation”.
Yunji Exploration has become the IP development and innovation platform of the documentary industry from the popular shows Survivor Games with Bear Grylls, A Tale of Chinese Medicine, Coast China, and Super Asia, to short films of electronic sports through Banana Yunji, proving the foresight of MIPTV, which granted him the International Trailblazer Award.
Thanks to his experience in co-producing full-length documentaries with world top-class platforms and production companies, Chao Gan keeps taking on projects with challenges in both creation and operation, and leads a team to expand the industry through exploring advertisement, young audiences and new media, pioneering the sector of inter-disciplinary documentary.
Editor: Xiao Ye