Highlights | Endorsements for "FreshPitch. Dongshan"


APRIL 1st, 2017  "FreshPitch" News Center 

Chinese pitch producers 

· Liu Hongyan, senior producer of CCTV — “FreshPitch’ energizes me!”

· Chen Dongnan, director of feature documentaries—“FreshPitch’ gives the Chinese documentary an opportunity to be shown on the international stage.”

· Hu Bo, director of feature documentaries—“A group of people with a common goal get together. It generates warmth!”

· Wang Shen, director of feature documentaries—“FreshPitch’ plays a complementary role in the European and North American film fests and documentary-themed exhibitions.”

· Zhang Hao, producer of short web documentary films—“‘FreshPitch’ offers opportunities to seek short documentaries.”

· Zhou Yining, post director of VR project —“Thanks to ‘FreshPitch,’ documentary audiences experience VR technology personally.”

 International pitch producers

· Dale Templar, producer of BBC's Human Planet“It is the first time for us to introduce a pitch to China. We take the first step from ‘FreshPitch.’”

· Ahser Floyd, Australian producer FreshPitch’ has added to our distribution channels.”

· Morgan Ommer, Vietnamese director “All the decision makers of ‘FreshPitch’are optimistic about our pitch. That is exciting!”

· Jerry Chan, American producer “We work in Hollywood. ‘FreshPitch’provides us a lot of valuable suggestions and new friends.”

· Yoon-ju, Koo, Korean director The organization team of ‘FreshPitch’ is the greatest team we have ever met.”

 Chinese decision makers

· Li Chengcai - “Many people have an interest in making documentaries, but few of them implement their ideas. ‘FreshPitch’ is very warm and inviting.”

· Mo Kangsun - “A good documentary is not like a long advertisement. ‘FreshPitch’ combines fresh themes and fresh methods.”

· He Xinhao - “The documentary field requires crossover and integrated innovation.”

· Shi Xiongzhou - “Without a change inideas, there will be no hope.”

· Gan Chao - “The boundary of documentary is continuously being extended. ‘FreshPitch’ features an international viewpoint and rich cultural levels.”

· Xu Qiuli - “The ‘FreshPitch Conference’may create a new situation with its broad range of pitches.”

International decision makers

· Elizabeth Radshaw, “All of the stories are touching. Nothing is left.”

· Nick Fraser, “Chinese people make good documentaries now and they are very ambitious.

· Gune Hyoung,  “FreshPitch generates something new.

· Ove Jensen, “I’m very curious to see and talk to people here who are trying to mix different formats and mix different ways of putting documentary stories across.

· Vikram CHANN, “It’s actually been quite amazing seeing the new kind of works that coming out from China and other parts of Asia.

· Julie Campfield, “I’m very much interested in the VR. In the States right now we don’t have platforms to distribute VR but I think it’s very timely.”

Editor: Xiao Ye