2017 |The Launch of the FreshPitch • Dongshan

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On March 17, 2017, the Second Fresh Pitch • Dongshan was formally launched to solicit pitches from all over the world. 


In an era that features media convergence and the crossing of industries, more and more innovators walk along boundaries among different fields. This results in a continuous emergence of new content creation and distribution modes, a successive rise of legendary entrepreneurs and a vigorous surge of capital M&A. With a view to this, FreshPitch is dedicated to being a cross-boundary factual content summit.


From JUNE 1st to 4th, 2017, the 2nd FreshPitch will be held in China’s first town of documentary—Dongshan, Suzhou Province. The event consists of two parts—content pitching, and cross-boundary dialogue—which are focused on content venture and cross-boundary communication, respectively. The Second FreshPitch sessions include the opening ceremony, presentation of pitches, dialogue, brainstorming, recommendation & experience, banquet and awarding ceremony.


In addition to content and industry innovators, heavy-weight decision makers have taken our invitation: traditional media NHK, The Discovery Channel; convergence media platforms Guide Doc, RyotBuzz Feed; industry platforms, EDN, Hot Docs, IDFA. Moreover, Chinese telecom operators and mobile phone manufacturers will be invited together with VIP from the fields of real estate, public relations and advertising.  


About Fresh Pitch • Dongshan 2016


In October 2016, the First Fresh Pitch was successfully held in Dongshan, Suzhou Province, and was attended by nearly 200 decision makers, guests, proposers and other participants. The First Fresh Pitch consisted of an opening ceremony, documentary summit forum, VR sharing & experience meeting, works demonstration and prize presentation ceremony. 


(To learn about the decision makers and guests who attended the FirstFresh Pitch, please click here).


During the First Fresh Pitch, 106 fresh pitches were received from around the world, and 20 pitches entered the session of “face-to-face pitching.” Finally, the  bonus of RMB 230,000 was shared by eight proposers. In addition, the decision makers and investors established a capital pool above RMB 5 million, and carried video materials for publicity and promotion. 


List of shortlisted pitches 

The first engagement between proposer and decision-maker

Closing ceremony of Fresh Pitch·Dongshan


The organization committee of the First FreshPitch invited a professional filmmaking team to provide continuous consulting and filmmaking services for the proposers and decision makers. Among the 20 shortlisted  pitches, by the end of February 2017, eight pitches (e.g. A Escaping the TempleEncounter) had entered the stage of shooting or post production, and were expected to be completed this year; negotiations about cooperation are underway for five pitches (e.g. Dear My Genius, Home Sweet Home); three pitches (e.g. Madame ChingArks of Confucius) have been shortlisted at other international pitches; and four pitches (e.g. Moving to Australia) are being modified as the decision makers remained in contact with the producers.


The Launch of the FreshPitch • Dongshan 2017


Pitches are being solicited all over the world for FreshPitch 2017. The pitch submission deadline is April 30. If you’d like to communicate with global decision makers face to face, seek partners and win the bonus, please click the link, download the Entry Form, and submit the completed table to before the deadline.


The organization committee will publish the decision maker and guest lists, schedule, registration mode and notes of the event in succession. If you’d like to take part in the activities of FreshPitch 2017, please follow the official website.


Official website:

Official WeChat: FreshPitch

Sina Weibo: @新鲜提案东山真实影像提案大会



Quotations from the experts


“I hope that FreshPitch can move ahead together with all creative producers who are enthusiastic and awed about recording, protect Chinese documentary producers, and create an environment for co-prosperity with additional materials and co-growth of various recording forms. With the foundation, documentaries appropriate to Chinese history and culture should be produced to establish a virtuous ecosystem that contributes to recording development in China. I also hope that the devotion and persistence of all documentary producers can be rewarding.”

——Li Chengcai, a scholarly producer sought after by political, commercial and academic elites, and an expert advisor to FreshPitch. 


“This is an exciting era. Recording and publishing dribs and drabs of life have been a right and joy for almost all people. More eyes in the world find more stories, which will acquaint us with the other parts of the world. Thanks to connectivity, we can acquire new audiences. This provides a stronger force that makes a closerconnection between ideas and actions.”

——Zhaoqi, a world-renowned documentary producer and director, the founder of FreshPitch.


“Documentaries reveal the reason why we become us.They are not ethnic screams in a narrow sense, but clips produced in artistic forms with verism. It records the past, as well as the present and the future. I hope that audiences can appreciate the gentleness and vastness of the documentary format in addition to the cruelty and line drawing. Today’s China needs calm constructors, deposits of wisdom and bold innovations.”

——Gan Chao, a leader of the factual content cross-boundary industry, an expert advisor to FreshPitch.


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