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 OCT 25th, 2016  "Fresh Pitch·Dongshan"  Press Center 



Fresh Pitch·Dongshan

Dongshan Town in Wuzhong District of Suzhou City boasts the beautiful natural scenery and a long historical and cultural heritage. Dongshan witnessed the birth of more than 180 documentaries, and the whole process of China's contemporary film industry rising to the world. At the beginning of 2016, Dongshan Town began to build itself as China's first documentary town. In a short span of a few months only, Dongshan Town, through the organization such as documentary seminars, training camps, competitions, workshops, has quickly drawn the attention of the documentary industry.


Dongshan Town has also established Dongshan Real Image Fund, which enables the local government, enterprises, industry associations, and funds to get their respective advantage into full play, leveraging all resources to enhance professional standards and its impact on the industry. Before the opening ceremony of the Fresh Pitch, Dongshan Town has held "China Documentary Town's Forum" and invited guests to talk about the development path of the town of documentary. "This is the best forum I have ever participated in the past 50 years," said General Liu Xiaoli, the former chairman of the China Television Artist Association.


Guest speaker and the theme


Minsheng LUO

Chairman of Dongshan Culture & Media Development Co., Ltd. 


We have made a series of travelling, cultural and historical arrangements giving full consideration of Dongshan Town's real situation. Our next plan is: 

- doing well on promotion, actively participating in documentary festivals to gradually connect with foreign documentary festivals. 

- making solid infrastructure and construction of related facilities, such as documentary films, documentary inns or even public space for documentaries. 

- promoting cultural investment and attracting documentary films which are appropriate to be developed in Dongshan and opening documentary museum, etc.

- carrying out forums and exhibitions, continuing the documentary related forum and exhibition activities. 

- building the brand, and gradually developing the Fresh Pitch Forum as the core of the town of Documentary. 

-  developing products related to the existing industry and products, with reference to extended products of foreign documentary.


Liang CHEN

Executive President of Suning Global Arts & Sports Industry Group


Dongshan Thoughts - about Documentary Industry and Characteristic Town Construction

1. At present, it's the best time for documentary industry as well as for the development of a documentary featured town. 

2. Geographical advantages: close to Shanghai, next to Suzhou City downtown with beautiful scenery and a long history and culture. 


Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of Dongshan town lies in that Dongshan can meet all the needs of documentary production. It has solid foundation for film and documentary. The disadvantage is that some elements of Dongshan such as its landscape and culture 

are replaceable, therefore it is required to enhance its uniqueness.


Dongshan's benchmark

The Banff Mountain Film Festival (outdoor Oscar), the Yamagata International Documentary Festival, German NATURVISION International Nature and Animals Film Festival


What is Dongshan's characteristics? How to position itself?

Two highlights: Firstly, recording China, covering the whole China. This is a process not only branding but also establishing authority. As a landing point of documentary, it will benefit the industry at present as well as in the future. 

(Secondly), gather and re-allocate talent, capital and technology to be implemented.


Specific measures: increasing capital investment, joint-developing the website and APP, organizing and searching teams, to be connected with national big data center; establishing reserve center of camera equipment for quick access by documentary teams; establishing the base of editing, post-production and other technical supports; establishing documentary talent pool, collecting talents including music, editing and other experts to promote personnel exchanges and training, and talents exports.


About the pre-order of pitch and the funds: all tourism advertising funds, cultural advertising funds and industry funds will be consolidated and directly taken as investment to the creation of documentary in Dongshan. With the material basis founded, Dongshan town can attract more documentary professionals.


Establishment of documentary awards: promoting documentary to the market, enhancing financial capacity and impacts, strengthening the construction of infrastructure for documentary industry. 


Summary: online and offline efforts combined to make Dongshan Town a beautiful hometown of documentary.


Ove Jensen

EDN – European Documentary Network, , Consultancy, Film & Media


A fresh look at documentary Media

I review the status quo of the documentaries, also see the reality from the visual media. Documentary has its own form too. However, the modern digital technology is changing the way we issue our documentary, resulting in a digital revolution. We need to redefine our partners and collaborations.

The new era needs to re-examine the expression of the documentary, to tell documentary story with a variety of forms.

From a brand-new perspective, we work together with other industries and find different forms and partners. Therefore, the Fresh Pitch Forum provides us with such an opportunity. 



Professor of Communication University of China


Building the Town of Documentary - Dongshan

Why building Dongshan as the Town of Documentary?

1. the nature of characteristics town's needs

2. Pan-documentary era's needs: with the development of internet media which no longer is confined to the traditional media. China's documentary is expanding, to meet the needs of development of China’s documentary and to develop towards the international documentary industry chain pattern. Dongshan not only can turn itself into a small town of documentary, but also has more position to become an important town of documentary in the country as a whole.


Zheng CAO

 Chairman of Beijing New Documentary Investment Co., Ltd 


The future is now - Embracing the Dawn of Smart Economy

Technical advancement enables people being observed, being recorded and being analyzed. Internet connects people, objectives and services seamlessly. China owns the world's largest and most popularized internet-user group. The intelligence era is approaching.

The intelligence era will bring us:

1. People can enjoy a quality life. 2. Intelligence becomes a virtual asset. 3. Instead of people looking for services, it will be service looking for the right person. 



Vice Editor-in-Chief of Phoenix New Media, GM of vice president and general manager of V IFeng


Change for our Users, embrace the Real Big IP 

V. IFeng is the exclusive strategic media partner of this Fresh Pitch Forum  

Tan Bu said " It is rare to define the form of visual arts in "real". It is not the form itself that affects the realness, but whether the creator of the documentary purses reality. 

Nowadays with the ever changing times, the traditional documentary users also have changed: Entering into the mobile Internet era, the use of scene gets changed, the mainstream of video users get changed, and the change of users’ age caused the change of aesthetics and values, which require for more information and faster pace.

Phoenix insists on remaining its documentary channel, and strives to explore other forms of realness performance as well.


Jianning WU

Vice Secretary General, Academic Committee of China Documentary


Gather the talents of documentary in Dongshan

Dongshan has nurtured a large number of outstanding talents and produced many excellent documentaries. Over the past 20 years, documentary in Jiangsu province has experienced rapid development, attributing to Jiangsu government’s emphasis on culture development. 



1. establishing a China Documentary Art Museum soonest, collecting China's outstanding Director's works, books and related documents.  

2. establishing a China Documentary Museum, providing an image database to documentary workers as a video base; 

3. establishing a China's documentary training center to train applied talents. Dongshan shall become a Chinese documentary art palace, material base and talents training center.


Shuze LUO

Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Press and Publishing, Radio and Television Bureau


Now documentary industry has entered a period of rapid development. The proposal to make Dongshan town as a characteristic town of documentary has caught the right time in the era, which has created a unique development opportunity for China especially for Jiangsu documentary. During the past half a year from the concept of characteristic town being raised up to date, many subjects have been proposed such as "documentary + leisure tourist, documentary + 3rd industry service, documentary + characteristic agriculture, documentary + e-commerce, documentary + education and training". Activities such as short-documentary contest, fresh pitch, oral historical study camp, etc have been launched.  


The news related to documentary town of Dongshan, including all kinds of activities and its development status, have been made regularly broadcasted by some of the mainstream media, documentary APP and WeChat public Accounts as well such as " Recording China", "China Documentary Network", "Documentary Observation" "San Duo Tang“,"Radio & TV Commentary", "Guangzhou International Documentary Festival" and so on. Youku, IFeng and other new media have also opened up sessions specialized for Dongshan documentary. Dongshan now continues to enhance its influence and strong momentum, taking pride of its fast and sound development. 

Thanks for allowing me to say a few words by the organizer. Hereby I simply put forward three wishes:

1. Working out well on theme design. It is a systematic project to turn Dongshan into a town of documentary, requiring for good planning of its development path and goal setting, building its own branding advantages, and integrating documentary, tourism and tertiary industry all together for the formation of a characteristic industry area.

2. Continuously driving and pushing forward. Small efforts make a difference.

3. Seeking for excellent documentary, forging as a platform carrier. Take selecting the high quality pitch for production as a primary task. Aim to bring them to the whole country while targeted at the world. 


Editor: Xiao Ye