The shortlist of Pitch was announced

A total of 132 outstanding pitches were collected at the 2020 FreshPitch.

The collection includes a wide range of themes, ranging from physical geography and wildlife to human history and science and technology.

There is no lack of concern about social reality, recording the current hot topics in China.The following 20 pitches were shortlisted for the 2020 FreshPitch after being assessed by the conference panel:

Rural Areas in Seasons:2020

Driving in Storm

Chinese Naturalist

The Forgotten Recipes

Above the Edge

Everybody Has A Calling

Return to Farming

Huddle to Stay Warm


China's Rebel Women


Go Through the Dark

Remember Me

Mom of the Ring


Death Education

Once the Kids in the Fields

My Story With Sharks

The Sound of Deaf

Driving Mr.Kiarostami

Diary of Mandarin Duck's Pond

China —Africa Factory