These projects never stop moving from pitch to documentary film!

Some pitches from FreshPitch have been made into films and played on relevant platforms, and some are still in the process of production. Every pitch is making progress. Recently, the organizing committee of the FreshPitch paid a return visit to some of the previous pitches .

Sing in the Wilderness

Silver Prize of 2016 FreshPitch


Liping, Dongsheng and Yaqiong were members of a choir of the Miao nationality in a village in Yunnan Province, which was located in an isolated mountain area. A western missionary once came here one hundred years ago to teach singing technique. Villagers worked in loess in daytime and worshipped the God with songs at night. Yaqiong was the leading singer. Dongsheng wanted to be a missionary. Liping was the prettiest girl in the village. The choir was found by local government accidentally, which was called "a living fossil of baroque music" . Three protagonists saw different tings in the external world and walked on different paths of life.

Project Update

·  At present, the project has been completed post-production.

· Shortlisted for the 2020 Swiss Reality Video Exhibition, 2018 Hot Docs Deal Makers, 2017 Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.

· The documentary film was not only selected in the Shanxia Documentary Laboratory (Phase III) project of the 2018 FIRST International Film Festival , but also Sundance Film Festival, and won the Sundance Documentary Fund.

· Reached a joint cooperation agreement with NHK, KBS and Taiwan public TV.


 Shortlist of 2017 FreshPitch


The story of modern China told by its most revered punk rock , band, mirroring their own story from street kids in dive bars to celebrated heroes of the music scene playing to packed out Stadia in China and the US.

Reflector the Documentary mirrors the meteoric rise of China in the  past 30 years, charting the course of the three members' fame from begging mix tape from foreign students in the early 90s, through countrywide and US tours on a shoestring and on to widespread recognition from the glitterati of China' s most famous artists.

Project Update

· The documentary was shortlisted for the 2019 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival.

· The documentary entered the second round of interviews at the 2019 Beijing International Film Festival.

The Longest One Second

 Bronze Prize of 2017 FreshPitch


Their team is the oldest in Chinese sports history, and their average age is 88 years. Some of them want to keep on dreaming of flying into the sky, some of them want to help their wife, who is going to die, complete a wish, some of them want to win honour for their country, while some of them want to see the rest of the world in their lifetimes. The six old men keep up their 'young blood' with 'slow sportsmanship' . 'the Grandpa Team' is a group of old partners in a race against time.

Project Update

· The project is currently in post production.

· After attending the FreshPitch, the project signed a cooperation agreement with CIBN Oriental Network (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. .

City Dream

 Bronze Prize of 2018 FreshPitch


This documentary mainly tells a serial of stories caused by public administrative conflicts between the urban management officers and a fruit peddler, Tiancheng Wang, who takes advantage of public streets while doing business. After a long period of resistance and struggle, officers finally achieve Wang's understanding and gratitude. However, the cost of administration is huge, and there are hundreds of peddlers like Wang needed to be guided and rearranged. Moreover, how to settle the issue about street peddlers once or all, an  how to unify the urban dreams of officers and peddlers at some extent? These are only the tips of icebergs of those problems coming to the Urban Management Department continuously.

Project Update

· The project has been completed, and it will be launched Iqiyi platform in the second half of 2020. 
· The documentary was shortlisted for the 2018 INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL .