2016 |Closing Ceremony of Fresh Pitch·Dongshan


OCT 28th, 2016 "FreshPitch" Press Center 



Awards Ceremony 

Dongshan theme: Gather with grace

"Recording the world, understanding yourself"




Across mountains and the sea, gather in Dongshan, for Pitch and Devotion


On the evening of 27th October, Dongshan Ancient Chinese Champion Mansion House hosted a closing ceremony as well as Award ceremony and Cocktail Party of the Fresh Pitch.


Luo Minsheng, the Chairman of Dongshan Culture & Media Development Co., expressed his gratitude to all the guests at present on behalf of organizers of the Fresh Pitch·Dongshan. He said "I hope all of you have benefited from this event". 


This documentary film festival is held in Dongshan, a town of Suzhou. Suzhou is one of China's famous cities, full of historical and cultural heritage, with 2,500 years of history.


The closing ceremony was held in Dongshan Ancient Chinese Champion Mansion House. In fact, it is a gathering point of Dongshan culture. The closing ceremony specially had Suzhou Pingtan live show, which is so called "A flower of Jiang'nan Culture". Suzhou stands as the center of Pingtan arts performance. Suzhou Pingtan is an expression of Wu culture, which can be traced back to the Song Dynasty and had been developed in the Qing Dynasty.



Bronze Award: 

"Dear My Genius", "Madame Ching Lady Pirate", " Home Sweet Home" 

Bonus: 20,000 CNY


MORGAN, Director of "Madame Ching Lady Pirate": "I am very excited, and I am very grateful."

Hu Bo, Director of "Home Sweet Home" : It is not easy to shoot this documentary. The documentary industry is a tough industry. Earning an award in Dongshan, means no matter what time, this is the place where we can make a rise. 

Ove Jensen said before the award ceremony: “I am very confident and impressed by the fresh pitches proposed by all candidates."

Master Li Chengcai presented the medal to the bronze winners. He said, "I especially like these bronze winners' films. If I knew them half year ago, I would have collected their documentary into mine.



Silver Award:

 "Adventure", "Songs in the Wilderness"

Bonus: 30,000 CNY 


"Songs in the wilderness" by Chen Dong Nan: "Making a documentary is not easy. It is a process constantly questioning yourself. Thanks for the encouragement from the Fresh Pitch Forum."




Gold Award:

"Escaping the Temple" 

Bonus: 50,000 CNY


"I am honored to be invited to give awards on behalf of all the decision makers," said Elizabeth Radshaw, Industry Programs Manager of HOT DOCs. "Appreciation to our sponsors, volunteers, translators, etc. During these two days, we saw a lot of fresh pitches. But above all we'd like to thank Dongshan town who presents these documentary to us. Dongshan town is standing not only in the forefront of China but also the world. Back to my country, I hope our local town in Canada can follow Dongshan's good example. I wish I could come to Dongshan next year, and every year. Wish you all the best."



Special Award:



Winner's speech: " I really did not expect for any award. So I wear simple. After watching so many good pitches, I did not expect to win. Since people believe us, we'll start from Dongshan, come back and rise again to make better documentary."


Chairman Luo Shengmin announced the following awards: 



Special Award of Visual Reality:




Founder of Kandao Tech, Mr. Liu Liang announced



Editor: Xiao Ye