I heard that these works from the FreshPitch have gone out into the documentary film, come and watch!

The FreshPitch has been successfully held for four times and it helped a number of works selected for International Documentary Festival Exhibition, also helped a number of works to obtain funding to complete the documentary film, and the relevant platform for broadcasting. Today, we've compiled a selection of proposals that have gone beyond FreshPitch. At present, these works have been completed into pieces. Let's watch together!

Daughter of Shanghai

Shortlist of 2016FreshPitch 

This is the peak of Chinese biopic art film production, is the celebrity after the biopic film. The documentary tells the story of an asian-american actress who is recognized in the Western mainstream media. It is the story of an actress who grew up in three cultures and rose to prominence as a daughter, search for the origin of her soul: The story of her parents and her hometown.

Project Update

· The documentary was shortlisted in the IDFA round table proposal section of the 2017 Amsterdam International Documentary Festival.
· The documentary was released worldwide in July 2019.

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Shortlist of 2017 FreshPitch 

The documentary is a coming-of-age story about two post-2000 children and a parable about China's future. The documentary follows the children from the ages of five to 17 for 12 years. The boy Chi Yiyang from kindergarten child Wang into primary school students, experience football to find a goal in life, into the international competition. The girl Rourou from a young princess into a literary girl, but math has become her nightmare, study in the United States after a rapid improvement in grades, but again and again by the family out. Now, both children will go to college and face new life choices.

Project Update

The documentary was screened on September 3,2019, on the National Association for the arts film screening line, after it was selected for the FreshPitch and was incubated and promoted through related platforms.

Voice of the Earth

Bronze Prize of 2017 FreshPitch / Most popular Pitch

The documentary consists of seven episodes, i.e.origin, reproduction, courtship, labor, birth, and death, implying the cycle of life and implicating the old philosophy of Chinese nation about human origin --”primal chaos begets One(nothingness; or reason of being), One begets Two (yin and yang), Two begets Three (Heaven, Earth and Man; or yin, yang and breath qi ), Three begets all things.” The folk song themes include the creation of the word, weddings and funerals, and living and death. At the end, the Legend of Darkness closes the cycle with the Song of Resurrection. These folk songs have been passed down ceaselessly with the copied genes of “you, he and I”.

Project Update

The documentary was released on Iqiyi in November 2019.

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The Six : Titanic's Chinese Survivors

Silver Prize of 2018 FreshPitch / Most popular Pitch

The story of the six Chinese survivors of the Titanic disaster was written out of history. In The Six : Titanic's Chinese Survivors, we learn how these remarkable men beat the odds to make it off the ship alive, only to experience expulsion from the US within 24 hours of their arrival. We track down their descendants for the first time and trace their extraordinary journey from Southern China to find out how they became silent witnesses to one of the twentieth century's most infamous and intriguing events.

Project Update

The documentary was completed in October 2019 and was originally scheduled for release on April 4,2020. Due to the covid-19, the release date is to be determined.

Wild Star : AI LA

Shortlist of 2018 FreshPitch 

"This is a documentary film that belongs to the world technology industry, not a commercial film. We hope to tell the world in our own way from the technology professionals' perspective: What is real Al? Is Al related to ordinary people? Should we worry about it? Meanwhile we appeal the world technology industry to develop safe Al for a better future world.

Above all, we encourage people to discover their own potentials and control their own destinies."

Project Update

· The documentary was selected for the Beijing Normal University documentary workshop incubation.
· The documentary premiered in September 2019 in Silicon Valley.