Check out the latest progress of some of the past FreshPitch shortlisted proposals! Excellent!

The call for proposals for the 2020 FreshPitch has been closed and is currently in the judging stage, with the shortlisted results expected to be announced in late July. During this period, the organizing committee of the Congress is also very concerned about the progress of previous shortlisted proposals and the growth of the sponsors. Recently, the organizing committee of the FreshPitch contacted the creative team of some shortlisted proposals to keep abreast of and update the latest progress of the proposal!

Smog Director

Gold Prize of 2019FreshPitch

Li, deputy chief of the City environmental protection bureau, is in charge of air quality. He is a local Communist Party Cadre who is dedicated, hardworking, and determined to fight air pollution. His assistant Haige is in charge of a team of experts hired by the city. They are in charge of formulating and implementing local air pollution control policies, and have, in the past, achieved outstanding results. With no successful examples to draw on, they need to explore new, Chinese methods to fight air pollution.

The documentary shows how the government, one of Chinas most polluted cities, quickly and effectively fights air pollution. How the measures will be sustainable methods.

Project Update

· The documentary entered the First Appearance competition at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival in 2019.

· In the same period, a short video version of Blue Sky Defense Battle was released on tencent video.

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Hope Springs East

Silver Prize of 2019FreshPitch 

Change is happening, and China has become a global model for green energy, based on a host of green technologies. Hope Springs East showcases China's latest key technologies, latest concepts and popular green solutions, and shows how these technologies are evolving in China and going abroad.

Project Update

Selected for the 2019 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival Review Session.

The Last

Bronze Prize of 2019FreshPitch

Palden is a 26-year-old shepherd from Nyanpo Yuzee in Qinghai province, who lives in traditional nomadic life with his wife. When most young Tibetan left their homeland for modern cities, he chose to stay in pastoral area with yaks, horses and his ginger cat. However, this traditional lifestyle that has been passed down for thousands of years is now facing a severe crisis. With glacier shrinking and grassland degrading every year, the collapse of local environment is likely to bring great change to Paldens life. He has to face the question: can be continue with his life in the pasture? 

Project Update

Shortlisted for the 10th CNEX Chinese Doc Forum.

The verse of our city

In recent years, Chinese rap has successfully transformed form an underground subculture to a popular culture. It has become a popular music form and life attitude among young audiences, which has inspired a large number of rappers and fans.


The film chooses to record the comples process of Chinese rap from overnight popularity adaptation, witnessing the rising grass-roots trend culture, the new generation with independent consciousness, and the Chinese culture soft power that is in line with the international standards.

Project Update

The documentary was shown exclusively on Iqiyi in 2019.

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