Pay a return visit to 2019 FreshPitch of Without You,Echo

Director Wang Yang recalls Echo as a teenager. His initial impression was "freedom, " but as he read further, he realized that there was another side to "freedom, " and that there was something paradoxical and fascinating about Echo. There are her again and again a unique life choice, bumpy life trajectory and so on. Now that Echo is gone, it seems like it's over, but it seems like it's just beginning. The director decided that a documentary might be the best way to open up Echo's story, and has been working on a documentary, the days of Without You, Echo."


The documentary was shortlisted for the 2019 FreshPitchTo find out what the director learned after attending the FreshPitch, and how the documentary the days ofWithout You, Echo is going, we paid a follow up visit to the director.

Return visit video of "Without You, Echo"

Director Wang Yang told us that he learned a lot and was grateful to attend the 2019 FreshPitch Factual Content Conference. The preliminary preparation of the film is basically over, looking forward to the official start.

The director also wishes the FreshPitch real image assembly to be better and better, the FreshPitch forever fresh!

Director's interpretation

The director and the team trace back to the spaces and the details of Echos life at different stages in Taipei, Madrid, Laayoune, and the Canary Islands. They collect Echos stories from the places in which she used to live. Also, Echos family and friends retell the story of her growth.

Echo has such a great influence that she is an idol of many people born in 1970s. Her female image with the independent thinking and acting has touched the hearts of numerous persons. The transition from the craze for Echo to her demiseand to todayhappens to align with the evolution process of the Chinese word. Echo, the young woman of literature and artis like a prophet and pioneer of embarking a journey immediately after announcing the intention to go off. She is the first one to practice this idea vigorously and slso the first to depart from it sober-mindedly.

The story of Echo has different entrances and exits. It is also a blessing for us as creators to stumble along the tough journey pioneered by Echo.