Pay a return visit to 2019 FreshPitch of The Teen Kungfu Master

In 2019, the documentary "The Teen Kungfu Master " was shortlisted for the FreshPitch Factual Content Conference, and in order to understand the progress of the project, we contacted the film's director and producer for a brief return visit.

Left: Producer Zhang Xinwei right: Director Xie Binhui

Director Xie Binhui told us that he was deeply impressed by attending the FreshPitch Factual Content Conference bill live video conference, which was very special and fresh. He also got to know a lot of old-timers and friends during the conference, and gave him a lot of positive encouragement and support. At the same time, he also had incisive suggestions and opinions, especially Zhang Xu's comments, which benefited him greatly and will never be forgotten, and it gave him a lot of confidence.

He added that Pan's inability to attend school due to the covid-19 and the collapse of his family's income had put a heavier burden on his shoulders and made him a much more mature person. When many people were playing at home during the covid-19, he chose to continue practicing Kung Fu and working as a personal trainer to earn money. After that, the director will continue to use the camera to record Pan's growth, and he hopes to see his work as soon as possible, as well as looking forward to seeing more of the outstanding works of the fresh assembly.


Return visit video of "The Teen Kungfu Master "

Producer Zhang Xinwei also mentioned in a return visit that after attending the 2019 fresh proposal live image conference, the creative team continued filming the project and received financing from some investors. Affected by the epidemic this year, the team shot an unexpected scene, once again deeply felt that life is the best director.

Director's interpretation

Kung Fu movies play a window for overseas audiences to get to know China. Choy Li Fu Kung Fu is also a style of Kung Fu that can be often seen in Hong Kong made Kung Fu movies. How is the current development of Choy Li Fu Kung Fu? With the question, the director made a visit  to the  Hong Sheng Shizu Club of Guangzhou Choy Li Fu Kung Fu where he met a new generation of master who is named Pan Hongshen, a high school student. Through him, what he saw is not only that Kung Fu is more than a way to bring change to the young man's physical conditions, but also the spirit of martial arts that he learned to shape his unshakable and undefeated determination. The team spent nearly three years using video cameras to record the transformation of the juvenile leader.

A trailer for "The Teen Kungfu Master " 

The video is a trailer for the 2019 conference on fresh proposals for real images shortlisted for "The Teen Kungfu Master"

The film tells the story of a Guangzhou teenager, Pan Hongshen, who has been studying with his grandfather, Choy Li Fut, since he was three years old. In 2016, Pan Guoman passed away. Before his grandfathers  death, he passed the second generation of the master of the Hongsheng Ancestors Guangzhou Choy Li Fu Kung Fu Association to Pan Hongyi when the boy was 16. It was also an unknown challenge for him to pass on Choy Li Fut, not only to master his own Kung Fu, but also to attend to his studies and run the school. He will look for and test a number of candidates. After a formal apprenticeship ceremony, he will take the first apprentice to Xinhui Guangdong to worship Chan Heung, the founder of Choy Li Fu Kung Fu.