Pay a return visit to 2019 FreshPitch of Heart of Guqin in Suzhou

Guqin is the best gene of Chinese traditional music culture, and Suzhou is the Renaissance Place of Chinese modern music culture. Zhang Yang, the documentary director of Suzhou Radio and television station, pays attention not only to the "sound" and "color" on the surface of the Guqin, but also to the value of traditional Chinese culture behind it, this paper attempts to express the meaning of "faint and distant" in Guqin Culture through documentary.

In 2019, director Zhang Yang made a documentary called the Qin pulse in the woods, an attempt to get close to the temperament of the Guqin. How's the film doing so far, and what have you learned from attending the 2019 live video conference on fresh proposals?

Return visit video of "Heart of Guqin in Suzhou"

Director Zhang Yang calls the fresh bill live video conference a fascinating place where a group of fellow documentarians gather each year to confirm that everyone is still working on it.

As the 2020 fresh bill live video conference arrives, Zhang Yang hopes that documentary filmmakers will once again come together to find new faces, new proposals, old friends to catch up with and find their own organization.

Director's statement

Guqin was called "qin" in the old days,  which has been existing for three thousand years from one generation to another and loved by literati . In 1919, Suzhou Yiyuan gathered the Guqin players nationwide, making it a place of modern Chinese Guqin center. Within a hunderd years afterwards, the Guqin plays in Suzhou gathered there in Suzhou, among them Wu zhaoji(1908-1997) caused great influence. The year of 2018 is the 110th birthday of Wu zhaoji, and a nationwide Guqin concert was held. The film takes music as a storyline, looking back at the history of the century-old Yiyuan Guqin Center, recalling the life of Wu zhaoji, and expresses the inner world and lifestyle of a literati group from the perspective of the Guqin concept of his disciples. 

"Heart of Guqin in Suzhou" won an award

The Best Film Award of the first Chinese Music Festival