Pay a return visit to 2019 FreshPitch of The 84,000 Possibilities of Our Family

This is story about a family of three members of three generations at three different life stages.

The documentary "The 84,000 Possibilities of Our Family" records that the middle-aged folk singer, Mayi(Ant), wishes to release his third album before the age of 40, as his final fight for his career. His 12-year-old daughter, Yang Ruining, wants to follow in the footsteps of her father and work as a singer-songwriter- she is confident that the she could become someone in the industry. Having experienced ups and downs, Mayi's 60-year-old mother has suffered from the pains brougut by her children's life choices and decisions-she is looking for her inner peace. These three life paths are divided yet interwined: each entails individual'self-reflection and their reconciliation  with the world.

Return visit video of "The 84,000 Possibilities of Our Family"

The film was shortlisted for the 2019 fresh proposal live video conference, which recently featured a follow up visit to our family's 84,000 possibilities:

Director Zhang Wenjuan, a documentary filmmaker in Suzhou, said the team attended the fresh proposals conference every year and successfully staged it in 2019.

On the spot, they felt the unreserved support of the sponsors, the respect for the content of the documentary, and the desire for good documentary, which was very precious to the shortlisted team.

Director's interpretation

The documentary is a collection of people born in 1960s, 1980s and 2000s, whose pursuit for life and future represent an embodiment of current society. Their cultvation, chase after dreams and coming into terms with ordinariness. The ups and downs of desire are the life choices we have faced and are facing. I hope that everyone can see more "self" in this documentary.

There are 84,000 approaches in the Buddhist Dharma, which can be found by some people immediately. While others go around and are unable to find the right approach. What we are recording is the process of finding the right approach that belongs to us. This process is also the main content of our existence.