Pay a return visit to 2019 FreshPitch of Underwater China

"Underwater China" is China's first large-scale underwater documentary series on natural ecology. It presents China's nature and culture from a unique underwater perspective and shows China's underwater civilization and hidden cultural treasures to the world. The film was shortlisted for the 2019 fresh proposal live video conference and aired on Iqiyi in October 2019.


Return visit video of "Underwater China"

Recently, we again contacted Zhou Fang, the director of the Underwater China, who briefed us on the film's current development, noting that the documentary underwater China was presented to Hubei Satellite Television in the early days of the new crown outbreak. In addition, "underwater China" has been broadcast on overseas platforms to show overseas people the underwater civilization of China. Zhou thanked the conference for providing a platform for her to have face-to-face communication and learning with the well-known media and investors in the industry, helping underwater China to go to market and make a certain impact. It is hoped that the new proposal will bring more shortlisted documentaries to the international stage and let overseas people know more about China's documentaries and China.

"Underwater China" has won awards (part)

 For the 2019 fresh proposal live video conference

 In the fourth quarter of 2019 excellent domestic documentary recommended list