2016 |Is your pitch on the list? List of pitch is published.


OCT 20th, 2016 "Fresh Pitch.Dongshan" News Center  


High quality Contents have become the only permanent battleground  in the context of drastic media evolution in video industry nowadays. Fresh Pitch provides a platform to high quality contents to communicate with the external world, which also creates an opportunity to decision makers to have a vis-à-vis communication with video creators.

During one month of pitch collection, the organizer received 106 pitches worldwide, including China, America, Australia, Korea and Vietnam, which are major true video creation places in the world. Many creators who have won prizes at home and abroad also took part in our activity. 

Here is the shortlisted pitches:


List of shortlisted pitches


Feature Documentary

1. Daughter of Shanghai (China)《上海的女儿》(中国)

2. Five Generations ( China)《五世同堂》(中国)

3. Escaping the Temple ( China)《双下山》(中国)

4. A Noodle Player in New York (China)《东北人在纽约》(中国 )

5. Dear My Genius ( Korea)《我亲爱的天才》(韩国)

6. Singing in the Wilderness ( China)《旷野歌声》(中国)

7. Home Sweet Home (  China)《沧海桑田》(中国)

8. Peony Flowers ( China)《牡丹花开》(中国)

9. Wild Rush ( China)《狂野轰鸣》(中国)

10. Steel Rose!( China)《玫瑰归来》(中国)

11. Jun and his children (China)《君子和他的孩子们》(中国 )

12. Arks of Confucius (China)《夫子方舟》(中国 )



TV Documentary Series

13. Moving To Australia ( Australia)《移民到澳洲》(澳洲)

14. The Last Wild Rivers (New Zealand )《最后的原生大河》(新西兰 )

15. Journey East with Archie Kao (the United States )《高圣远东方之旅》(美国 )



Short Film, Cross-border, VR Project,CGI Project

16. Madame Ching( Vietnam)《海盗夫人》 (越南)

17. Beijing Night (China)《北京·夜》(中国 )

18. Encounter ( China)《奇遇》(中国)

19. The Real Planet of the Apes ( U.K)《中国史前巨猿》(英国)

20. Rebirth: Site of Palmyra ( China)《重生:叙利亚帕米拉古城》(中国)


Brief introduction of shortlisted pitches