Constitution of Fresh Pitch –Dongshan




Article 1 

This constitution is applicable to organizations and personnel who take part in Fresh Pitch –Dongshan.

Article 2 

Fresh Pitch – Dongshan is hosted by Dongshan Documentary Town and undertaken by Suzhou Dongshan Culture Media Development Co., Ltd. with the tenet of “Documenting the world, Understanding yourself” to gather domestic and overseas new power of documentary videos and build a summit of venture capital of true video contents in video era.

Article 3

Fresh Pitch – Dongshan will be held in Dongshan Town, Suzhou, China from October 25 to October 28, 2016 for 4 days.

Article 4

Fresh Pitch – Dongshan sets up opening ceremony, pitch meeting, vis-à-vis interview of decision-makers, forum, salon, shows, prize presentation and closing ceremony, etc.

Article 5 

Organizing committee of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan will review all the pitches to confirm which enter final competition and win the prize. The final results will be published through official channel.

Article 6

Pitches which take part in Fresh Pitch – Dongshan shall meet the following requirements:

  • Form of pitch shall be documentary video;
  • Fill in and submit a complete Application Form of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan;
  • Submit a budget and a video clip of 3 minutes or shorter time length;

Article 7

1. Deadline of all the pitches is October 10, 2016.

2. All the applicants shall log in official website of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan to download Application Form of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan.

3. Application Form of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan and corresponding link and download method of video clips shall be sent to before October 10, 2016.

5. Organizing committee of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan undertakes that all the application information will only be used in the review session.

Article 8

1. Proposer who receives the notice of organizing committee shall submit (including but not limited to) photos, posters, budget, introduction of main production team and contact information to the organizing committee before the deadline;

2. Proposer shall modify such information based on the demands of the organizing committee;

3. All proposers whose pitches enter final competition shall confirm to agree to “”Letter of Authorization of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan”, which cannot be revoked unilaterally after confirmation.

Article 9

Your application for Fresh Pitch – Dongshan means that you have agreed to observe this constitution. Proposer (including but not limited to producer, director, publisher or related organization) guarantees that the pitch submitted has no defect of rights. And the proposer is held responsible for legal consequences due to any dispute arising out of such defect of rights.

Article 10

Organizing committee of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan is responsible for the construction and explanation of this constitution. It is subject to the Chinese version if there are any different meanings between different versions. Organizing committee of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan is entitled to deal with all the issues which are not involved in this constitution.

Article 11

Contact information of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan is

Address: 17F, Documentary Building, No. 4 HuJiaLou XinYuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postcode: 100020

Tel: +86-10-65167552

Fax: +86-10-65167856-800


Contact person: Cheng Zhu, Peng Ran


Organizing committee of Fresh Pitch – Dongshan

Editor: Xiao Ye