Opening of the 2019FreshPitch

On June 1, the opening ceremony of the 2009 FreshPitch was held in Zhouzhuang Ancient Town, Kunshan, Suzhou.The 4th FreshPpitch, which lasted three days, opened in Zhouzhuang for the first time.This year's FreshPitch is organized by Jiangsu Provincial Radio and Television Adminisitration, China Alliance of Radio,Film and Television Documentary Work Committee, Industry Television Committee of China Television Artists Association, DOC CHINA, CIBN Oriental Network(Beijing)Co.,Ltd. and Suzhou Broadcasting System. 

FreshPitch is an industry trading and cultural exchange platform focusing on discovering and generating real image content, and also an exhibition brand focusing on "non-fictional content venture capital and cross-border communication". Since in 2016, FreshPitch has been successfully held for three times.

In 2019, 168 proposals were collected from China, the United States, Canada, Poland and other countries, and 20 proposals were finalized. At the 4th FreshPitch, the authors of the 20 finalists will make time-limited proposals.

At the same time, the conference held a series of dialogues and exchanges on the topics of "Searching for Chinese Stories", "Overseas Communication", "New Faces and New Plays".

It is noteworthy that this year's FreshPitch has also established a partnership with WCSFP (World Congress of Science and Factual Producers) to launch Fresh Buzz. Paul Lewis, Director of WCSFP, was invited to share with participants the cutting edge of the global documentary field in 2018 from five parts: the most successful, the latest trends, the technological frontiers, the innovative sketches and the future. Accordingly, the Fresh Proposal Conference will share with participants various innovations in the field of Chinese documentary in the past year. Domestic innovations in Fresh Buzz will also have the opportunity to present to global practitioners at the World Conference on Science and Reality in 2019.

The conference also invited representatives of CCTV documentary channel, Shanghai Documentary Channel and other traditional TV channels as well as Youku and other new media platforms to conduct in-depth dialogues to bridge the convergence of traditional TV stations and new media. Among them, in the "Fresh Dialogue: Finding Chinese Stories - How to Propose to CCTV Documentary Channel", CCTV Documentary Channel's relevant directors and founding teams will face to face teach the sponsors and documentary content creators how to make proposals to CCTV Documentary Channel.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. Real images appeal to creators to focus more on realistic subjects, more on the ordinary world, ordinary life and the concept of struggle for happiness. The field of documentary also expects to attract more potential creators to join, tap a wide range of content topics, and stimulate more diverse creativity. Find a professional "incubator" for the good "seeds" bred at the proposal conference, and explore the "distribution process" in line with market rules. This year's FreshPitch, in Zhouzhuang, listen to different fresh stories.