Pay a return visit to 2018FreshPitch of《Wurra》

There is a group of uyghur boys who love to play football, trying to understand frustration, to find hope, and to make life choices difficult. With three years of shooting, this film is to search for the boy's childhood love to escape, but not to learn, and to lead the film to the theme of exploring the plight of the children.

The film was shortlisted for the 2018 FreshPitch, which was praised by many policy makers. Recently, we contacted director Xu Weichao to return to the progress of the film.

Return visit video of 《Wurra》

Three Uyghur football teenagers attending bilingual schools in Shihezi City, Xinjiang: Hamjiang, as the captain of the team, has been trying to win the recognition of his companions through excellent football skills; another boy, Rozi, claims to be a three-good student, because of his weak language skills and sometimes unable to keep up with the progress of the classroom, he has been considering giving up school and going home to help his parents sell mutton, but he has been unable to make this decision because of the delay in football; Another boy, Ablikim, who had always wanted to quit the football team, wanted to give up football because Grandma didn't want him to play football. He was an orphan and was brought up by Grandpa. At the age of 12, Grandpa died, and he had been living in pain and seeking comfort. At the end of their childhood, the children set foot on the final football journey, and they went to the stage of the all-Xinjiang Youth Football Cup with their dreams. In each game, they said Ula meant moving towards glory. In the final journey, their dreams will be tested by reality and will also experience the final transformation of their childhood.

Project progress

·Finalist 2018FreshPitch、Win a gold medal

·With Tencent presale network copyright.

·Reach a consensus on cooperation in the post-production phase with CNEX, Communication University Of China