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In the 21st century, everyone says that marriage should be built on the basis of equal and free development of independent individuals.The viewpoints of mate selection, fertility, family, sexuality, and marriage and divorce have all clearly advanced. My grandmother's 80-year-old divorce triggered my thinking and made me more curious about my grandmother's story.Through interview, I also learned about my grandfather for the first time. Divorce was a disgraceful thing in their time, but now what he wants most is to be free in mind

The progress of 《Life As They Like》

  • Shortlisted for 2018 FreshPitch and won the bronze award

  • shortlisted for the "China story" special proposal of cctv-9 international documentary festival of China (guangzhou) in 2018 and won the "top ten proposals".

  • The project is looking for co-producers, post-production and broadcast channels to cooperate.