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There was a strange town in Hunan province, China. In the 80s of last century, most of the villages in China didn't even know what a car was, there was a motorcade in the town. Once ago, It was a"fashion"town, the freshest movie showed in the cinema at the first time. The town is in the deep mountain, the twists and turns of mountains. Nevertheless, the youngster were wearing fashionable. The town is in a poor county, but the

residents was respected when they went to Guangdong province, and they were considered"the wealthy", the town is called"Mei tian". However, in the early 90s, it seems that the most of residents were disappeared at one night. No one knows where they gone. The lost hometown shows a story that the people in the town which experienced industrial transformation in Chinese south area, and there are nearly 100.000 people from all over the country came to the small coal mine town, and worked in the industry which was never earned. Eventually, they scattered all over the world.

The progress of 《Lost Hometown》

  • Shortlisted for "2018 FreshPitch" and "2018 Chinese youth video exhibition".

  • At present, the film has been completed into a film, and its domestic premiere and publicity is synchronized.

  • Cooperation needs: promotion and distribution。