FreshPitch-4 | Recording the world ,knowing Ourselves——2019FreshPitch officially launch

FreshPitch-4 will be held from June 2-5, 2019 and is now solicitation for proposals from around the world.

The first FreshPitch was held in 2016,as a platform focusing on the discovery and production of real image content transactions and cultural exchange. FreshPitch is based in China integrates the world's top industry resources.It is rooted in the real image and at the same time conducts in-depth cross-border cooperation in the fields of science and technology ,media and design,etc.

FreshPitch is already successfully held for three years.And thanks to its speciality and efficiency,it is closely cared and recognizeed by documentary photography locally and abord. Thus FreshPitch is honored as“professional,cross-bording and international”documentary photography grand gathering.

FreshPitch Introduction

In 2016,FreshPitch collected 106 pitches from world-wide with 7 short-wide,with 7short-listed for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam(IDFA),the Sundance Film Festival,and the Houston International Film Festival,etc.Seven films were broadcast on platforms and pitches were funded to complete the films.

In 2017,FreshPitch collected 115 pitches globally and helped four to participate in the international film festives including the International films were screened and four pitchees were fundt to complete the film. 


In 2018,FreshPitch will collect 130 pitches globally which cover various themes and categorious,including outdoors exploration,natural geography&wild animals,cultural history&science,etc.What’s more,there are pitches paying much attention on social reality and recoring current Chinese hotspot topics.

Pitches requirements

1、The type of pitches:Whether it is documentary single, documentary series, documentary film, or network short film, VR can contribute to participate. First time proposal will be given priority.

2、Create content:The content (graphic and video video) submitted by the sponsor will be made public during the conference. Please confirm the copyright and use of the content in advance.

3、The member of pitch on-site:Up to two sponsors, including the film director or producer, shall be on the stage, and must attend the fresh proposal real video conference; If the sponsor is unable to participate in person, the sponsor will be disqualified.

4、The time of pitch:Each shortlisted pitch will have 15 minutes of pitch time, including 7 minutes of pitch (lozenge playing time) and 8 minutes of q&a.



1.The pitch submission deadline is 22:00 on April 20,2019. Please click the link below to submit online. Mandatory fields are marked with an ※ in the entry form. A 3-5 minutes’ trailer is required for your proposal. For those proposals which have been submitted several times, we will take the last version. 

△ Submission link:

△ QR code: you can also sign up by scanning the QR code below.


2019 pitch submission



Please upload your trailer (3-5 minutes) to BaiduPan(or Vimeo)and fill in the blanks in the entry form with download link and password. Those without a trailer will not be selected.


Shortlists and Awards

120 selected pitches:creators of the chosen pitches will enjoy free pitch training,translating service,and reservation priority for one-on-one meeting with decision makers.


2.Awards: FreshPitch offers a total of 200,000RMB in prizes for the gold, silver and bronze award (6 projects). The winner of a special prize - People’s Choice Award will have all the money through crowdfunding in the pitching session.


3. A fund of over 5 million RMB will be pooled with contributions from international authorities and decision makers, who will choose good projects and team during the event.


4.FreshPitch Committee provide continuous consulting and follow-up marketing service.


The organization committee will publish the decision maker and guest lists, registration entry,schedule and notes of the event in succession. If you’d like to take part in the related activities or cooperate with us, please follow the official Wechat, Weibo and website.


Content setting

Pitch Collection:Openly collect excellent pitches world-widely.Emphasizing on improving success rate on the premise of ensuring quality.

Decision-maker Invitation:Focus on decision-makerteams with new field,new industry and new concept,in order to bring fresh blood and energy to real image creation.

Pitch on-site:Pitch owner will make on-site pitching facing global decision-makers.

One-on-one Meeting:Pitch owner and decision-maker will have one-on-one meeting through appointment mechanism.

Fresh Dialogue:Cross-border dialogue,to stimulate thinking,real image meets with future technology,to open up an unimaginable dialogue.

FreshScreening:Experimental films with innovated art themes and creative techniques will be invited,especially those FreshPitch products that are already completed will be broadcast and communicated.

Fresh Media Lab:Cooperate with IDFA DocLab,to invite cross-border photography artists and presnent innovative products on above scientific field on site.

The Award: FreshPitch winner will be awarded certificate as well as correspondent supporting fund.


Service Mechanism

Production Support:FreshPitch will invite senior producers to provide customized producing services to all parties.

Fund Support:FreshPitch will invite angle fund,industry fund and charity fund to attend the conference and provide correspondent fund supporting to the pitches.In 2018,Documentary Fund is established by Tencent &FreshPitch and Documentary Youth Director Plan is developed.

Travel Bursary:FreshPitch will provideall short-listed pitches with travel subsidies to attend other documentary festivals,in order to hatch and assist excellent documentary pitches.

Cooperation with Festival &Shows:FreshPitch is already short-listed for recommended catalogs by many global festivals and shows,such as EDN,Guide DOC and CCDF.In 2018,FreshPitch signed cooperation agreement with IDFA,and Chinese new media photography products can be directly short-listed to IDFA new media unit through FreshPitch.


The organization committee will publish the decision maker and guest lists, registration entry,schedule and notes of the event in succession. If you’d like to take part in the related activities or cooperate with us, please follow the official Wechat, Weibo and website.


Official website:

Official WeChat: 新鲜提案FreshPitch

Sina Weibo: @新鲜提案真实影像大会