【 News flash:】the agenda and the list of decision-makers will be announced at the 2018 FreshPitch

FreshPitch-3 will be held on May 28th to 31th in suzhou. The organizing committee has announced the agenda of the conference and the list of decision-makers.

FreshPitch was born in 2016, and the decision makers can listen to the creators of their proposal, and they can talk to their interested creators one-on-one after the meeting.

Technology makes the experience more " fresh" 

Based on FreshPitch, FreshTalk, and FreshScreen, this year's FreshPitch has added even more interesting sections, trying to bring a new experience to the participants.

For example, the New "New Media Lab" was set up at this conference, in cooperation with IDFA New Media &Doc Lab (Amsterdam documentary festival), and cross-boundary video artists from the Netherlands, the United States, Canada and China were invited to present cross-media, interactive, immersive, virtual reality and other innovative works at the conference site, and "New Media Lab BBS" was held to share the fantastic ideas and exploration experience of artists from various countries in the field of real video.

It is worth noting that topics such as "social driving force of public interest image", "how to make hot style science program" and "technology driving documentary image creation" will become important topics of this conference.

Dialogue will deepen cooperation

The registration proposals before the general assembly variety, diversified approach, presented the Chinese documentary on the latest trends in image creation, including natural animal well-made documentary, vision documentary series, deep thick investigative documentary record and unique Angle of view of the long, pure and fresh ground series, combination of virtual and reality crossover work, and so on. In the proposal session of the conference, the organizing committee will select 20 shortlisted proposals and present them to more than 200 decision-makers, guests, invited observers, investors, professional institutions and creators from all over the world. Representatives of these proposals will also meet one-on-one with policy makers at home and abroad to discuss in-depth cooperation.

Moreover, invited to the conference this year IDFA and IDFA Bertha Fund, Toronto film festival, HotDocs section, EDN, CNEX exhibition TAB and Fund, NHK, Discovery, NewYork Time Op - Doc, CCTV, China guangdong, Shanghai, tencent, love art, youku, bi li bi li, two more, and many other executives at home and abroad, and cross-border contributing observers and many guests to arrive. They will share their experiences and discuss the direction of cooperation with participants on different occasions, such as proposals, dialogues and opening and closing ceremonies.

Domestic policy maker

International decision maker

Agenda for the 2018 FreshPitch