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Hangzhou Ergeng Network & Technology Co., Ltd. 

Chairman of the Board

Ding Feng is the founder and chairman of Ergeng, media marketing expert and serial entrepreneur. He has been working in media for over 20 years, mainly engaged in management of top-class media. With abundant management experience in television, print and new media, Ding Feng knows all about the management of traditional media, at the same time, can handle the complex management of new media. Within less than two years, he successfully led and developed Ergeng into a leading content platform of original short videos in China.

Hangzhou Ergeng Network & Technology Co., Ltd.

Ergeng is now the largest content platform of original short videos in China, with a full-time professional team of more than 200 people, and partnership with over 100 PGC teams globally. On average, it produces 150 pieces of original videos per month, and has created over 1800 original videos by far. It has set up a diversified, vertical and urbanized brand matrix, and developed more than 20 sub brands in four main sectors: culture, entertainment, life, and finance. Ergeng covers over 200 channels online and offline, getting more than 50 million views a day, and about 1.5 billion a month contributed by over 30 million followers. Equipped with all-film-level professional imaging and the whole-domain marketing strategy team, Ergeng has provided video integration and marketing service for more than 200 brand enterprises.