New Guests


Shi Xiongzhou

Vice President 




Mr. Shi Xiongzhou was born in 1980s, famous as an experienced film producers, member of the selection committee of short film festival and international film festivals, sophisticated director in the industry of original video production. Many of his short films were huge successes and many awards were granted for his excellent works. Upon his graduation, he became the first batch of directors to sign contract with and initially set up a community for short films directors in China.


Later, he worked for ShenZhen Media Group and served many positions such as journalist, director and producer. Due to his outstanding ability in activity organization and rich experiences of film making, he was invited to be the director for festival organization in China’s sole state-recognized international short film festival. Through his efforts, he had discovered so many talented directors and helped to promote their short films abroad. It was Mr. Shi that successfully encouraged China-made short films to go global.

Currently, Mr. Shi is responsible for building the director pool of Ergeng, facilitating the cooperation with global colleges, and leading the alliance of new media video of Ergeng. Meanwhile, he is in charge of funding support for domestic and international directors to create, promote, distribute their productions, and agency businesses for international film festivals and short film festivals. Last but not least, he also takes part in international film exhibitions and competitions, promotes overseas brands, and arranges big events (such as international short film festivals and overseas film exhibitions).


Editor: Xiao Ye