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Nianwen DAI


Tropic of Cancer Documentary Angel Fund



As a famous media investor, the founder of the Angel Fund was the initiator of documentary movie “Tropic of Cancer,” the Director of Chinese Horsemanship Association, served on the Board of Directors and as Chairman of Beijing Zhongshi Wengong Culture Media Co., Ltd., conducted post-graduate work at the Air Force Engineering University, and received a doctorate degree from Chang’an University. He was once the team leader of General Engineering in the People’s Liberation Army. He has 30 years army experience and is well-ground as a professional soldier. He was once the executive producer of Rao Tong Ma Shu Dong You Ji, Let’s Go Dance, Anecdotes of Chinese Medicine, and other documentary movies. At present, he has invested in and produced movie Door to Life that is extremely popular and produced live in China. He is expected to meet movie fans in the middle of December. 


Editor: Xiao Ye