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Liang CHEN


Suning Universal Culture & Sports Group



Liang CHEN has a doctoral degree in Literature from Fudan University, serves as Chief Culture Officer of Suning Universal Group and is CEO of Suning Universal Culture & Sports Group. He is the founder of Oriental TV. He was once the Deputy Managing Director of Oriental TV, President Assistant of Shanghai Oriental Media Group, Art Director of Shanghai Culture Broadcasting Media Group (SMG), one of leading talented people of the CPC Publication Dept., and Specialist of the State Council for Special Subsidies. He was previously involved in the arrangement of ShiyanJinsheng, Chen Yun, The Ordinary World, Dwelling Narrowness, The Great Master and other movies and works that received various awards such as the Best Works Award, Flying Goddess Award, Golden Eagle Award, Huabiao Award and other awards. 


Editor: Xiao Ye