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Jiaqiu QIU


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Jiaqiu QIU is the Director, a veteran media worker, and used to be an editor and reporter in the Xinhua News Agency. He is a pioneer of China's virtual content strategy, and he was once the major producer of China’s first VR documentary, Kindergarten in the Village. He earned a Master of Arts degree in Cinema, a Bachelor of Animation in Communication from the University of China and he also obtained a Masters of Social Studies at Renmin University, in China. He serves as a guest lecturer at Hong Kong Polytech University, the Peking University Youth Leadership Program and Beijing Sport University. He has directed many documentaries such as Congcong, The Lost Prophecy, Pingpang, Sino French Fifty years, Image Survey of the Black in GuangZhou, The Story of the China-Burma Border. He was awarded several honors by The International Disaster and Reconstruction organization such as the Asian Cultural Foundation Award, Top Ten Draft of the Xinhua News Agency Awards and Annual News Award by the Department of the Homeland.


Editor: Xiao Ye