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Gune Hyoung

Chief Director




Gunny Hyoung has been worked for several different formats of productions at EBS Korea. Among his careers, both documentary producer and director’s role have been done by his main missions. He majored architecture and transferred American film study and TV production courses at the graduated school in the States. He also has been trained for New Media producer at the Radio Netherlands in Holland and worked TV producer at the program department in ABU (Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)! He has also worked for Sang Hai TV & Sichuan TV Festival as a juoror members. Gunny Hyoung is one of the first In-House programmer for the EBS International Film Festival (EIDF) & has been served a general director for several years. He’s currently working for several feature length documentary programs such as Prime Time documentary(Docu-Prime) at EBS Korea.


Editor: Xiao Ye