New Guests


Yang Haitao

IQIYI Vice President

In charge of the content operation of multiple channels including documentary, variety, maternal and child information and others, as well as other supporting service departments

Yang Haitao obtained MBA Degree from Southwest University and now is the Vice President of IQIYI. He has been working in traditional media for 8 years since 1997, during which he has won Top Press Award for multiple times. Later he entered the Internet industry, successively working at and Sohu. As a founding member of IQIYI, he has 11 years of work experience in the Internet industry. He is currently in charge of the overall operation of content production, monitoring and customer service system as well as the operation of channels like variety, documentary, information and others. With profound understanding about the operation of the Internet media, he pioneered the exploration of Internet variety shows, and engaged in multiple Internet video marketing activities of IQIYI.


iQIYI, who pioneered video services in China, was established on April 22nd 2010 in the spirit of “Joy & Quality”. From the beginning, iQIYI actively promoted innovation in product design, technology, content, and marketing even as they prioritized a rich, high definition, smooth and professional video experience providing better videos – and a wider selection – for all users. Currently, iQIYI has successfully built a video eco-business that includes e-commerce, game, and movie ticketing building key connections between people and services. iQIYI has established itself as a leader in the diversified development of a video website business model.