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New Panorama Films Company

General Manager/ Art Director

Film screenwriting, directing, and artistic supervision of film and television production

Director, Photographer, Film screenwriter. Member of China Film Directors Guild. Woody Wu graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 1980s and focused in the creation of documentary film and humanistic TV programs in the past 25 years. As a veteran in documentary field, he participated in feature film in 2010 and cross-border participated in Tian Qinxin's drama studio in 2014.

He has rich photography Experience on plateau and shot the documentary of Chinese climbers reached the summit of Himalaya Range.

He is good at putting the humanistic spirit in the framework of classical commercial movie, practicing the oriental visual and aesthetic construction of his film expression system.

 New Panorama Films Company

New Panorama Films Company. As a service provider integrating media production and film distribution, is one of the most influential company in Chines documentary industry and China 3D production field.

We have a great team consisting of professional filmmakers and management from the production centre of China central television. We have a closely long term cooperation with Chinese official media platforms. We aim at providing quality content for producing documentaries, films, advertisements, TV series. Meanwhile, we keep close cooperation with international 3D technical team to provide high quality service in 3D innovation, content production and exhibition.