New Guests


Sarah Springer

RYOT Senior Creative Producer

Ideate for RYOT Studio and oversee creative executions of content  

Sarah Springer is a Senior Creative Development Producer at RYOT where she works with brands to tell stories in premium liner doc form, 360 video, Augmented Reality and Virtually Reality. Before joining RYOT, Sarah was a Supervising Producer at Vice where she oversaw projects for Vice Labs on Viceland and has worked at CBS, ABC, CNN.  Her background is in news and documentary and she hopes to continue to tell stories in different mediums for years to come.  


RYOT was founded by humanitarians, filmmakers and journalists who set out to use storytelling to change the world.  Now, we are using that visionary experience to build the immersive brand of the future by producing linear storytelling, VR, AR and 360 storytelling.