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Chairman of the Board

Documentary filmmaker

Chairman of Beijing Bojing Culture&Media Co.,Ltd, member of the Standing Committee of Gansu Youth Association, vice chairman of the Television Artist Association of Gansu Province. He was born in Lanzhou in 1979 and founded Beijing Bojing Culture&Media Co.,Ltd. in 2006. Since the beginning of 2008, he engaged in the documentary industrialization. As a producer, he led the team and produced documentaries including “The Hexi Corridor”, “Rebirth”, “Lanzhou Jincheng”, ‘Xinhua Bookstore” and a number of boutique documentaries, which are on CCTV and major TVs, and won numerous awards as well as great attention from the society.

Beijing Bojing Culture&Media Co.,Ltd

Beijing Bojing Culture&Media Co.,Ltd was founded in 2006. It focuses on the production and the dissemination of documentaries. It has been committed to the principle of “Telling Chinese stories in an international w+J23ay”. Works like “The Hexi Corridor”, “Rebirth”, “Lanzhou Jincheng”, ‘Xinhua Bookstore” and a number of boutique documentaries are on CCTV and major TVs for many times. With its distinctive texture, the documentaries enjoy very high hits online, especially very popular among young people.