New Guests
  • Yusaku Kanagawa
    Chief Producer
  • Elizabeth Radshaw
    Director of Industry Programs
  • Thom Powers
    Documentary programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival Artistic director of DOC NYC
  • Vikram CHANNA
    Head of Content-Greater China and Korea
  • IMAMURA Ken-ichi
    Executive Producer
  • Ove Rishøj Jensen
    EDN Film and Media Consultant EDN
  • CHEN Xiao
    Executive director, president
  • Gong Wei
    General Manager
  • Jing Shuiqing
    Deputy Director & Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Intercontinental Communication Center
  • Liu Changying
  • Liu Fan
    Associate producer
  • Li Yi
  • Li Xiangdong
    General Manager, Editor-in-chief
  • Li Ming
  • Summer Song
    Director of Guyu Doc Project
  • Yolanda Wang
    Program and Production Director
  • Wang Xiaoxiong
    Deputy Chief Director
  • Yan Wei
  • Yu Jibo
    Executive Director & General Manager of Chongqing Radio and Television Documentary Media Co. LTD, Executive Director of Science & Education Channel of Chongqing Broadcasting Group
  • Rain Meltzer
    Deputy Chief Editor
  • Zhang Xu
    Producer of Real Life Stories and Social Issues Group
  • Mia Zhang
    General Producer of Beijing Program Center
    Director of International Co-filming Department
  • Andy Zhang
    Chief Inspector
    Chief Producer
  • Lex
    Tencent Video
  • Mei Yan
    Deputy Director of New Media Department of CGTN
  • Serena
    Producer of the CCTV Documentary(CCTV9)
    Producer of the CCTV Documentary(CCTV9)
  • Lindsay Crouse
    Op-Docs Coordinating Producer
  • Thom Powers
    TIFF record long film main movie player
  • Olena Decock
    Hot Docs Program,Funds and Conference
  • Isabel Arrate
    IDFA Managing Director
  • Victor
    GuideDoc Founder
  • Ove Rishoej Jensen
    EDN-Film & Media Consultant
  • Sarah Springer
    RYOT Senior Creative Producer
  • Henry Goldman
    Buzz Feed Exective Producer
  • IMAMURA Ken-ichi
    NHK Enterprises Executive Producer
    Hot Docs Industry Funds Manager
  • Cristine Platt Dewey
    Managing Director, ro*co films international llc
  • Caspar Sonnen
    IDFA Head of New Media & DocLab
  • Vikram Channa
    Discovery Networks AP-Vice President, Production and Development
  • Santiago Stelley Fernandez
    Head of Production SH of VICE CHINA
  • Chao GAN
    Vice president, Alibaba Youku group, entertainment and entertainment group
  • Wang Jianping
    CIBN Editor in chief
  • Chengcai LI
    Beijing Mooze Film &TV Media Co.,Ltd-Art Director
  • Liang CHEN
    Suning Universal Culture & Sports Group-CEO
  • Nianwen DAI
    Tropic of Cancer Documentary Angel Fund-Founder
  • Wang Xiaoxiong
    Suzhou Broadcasting System Deputy Editor-in Chief
  • 张旭
    中央电视台纪录频道 项目运营部制片人