On March 17, 2017, the Second Fresh Pitch • Dongshan was formally launched to solicit pitches from all over the world.
  • Victor
  • Ove Rishoej Jensen
  • Sarah Springer
  • Henry Goldman
  • IMAMURA Ken-ichi
  • Cristine Platt Dewey
  • Caspar Sonnen
  • Vikram Channa
  • Santiago Stelley Fernandez
  • Chao GAN
  • Wang Jianping
  • Chengcai LI
  • Liang CHEN
  • Nianwen DAI
  • Wang Xiaoxiong
  • 张旭
  • Jin Peng
  • Changying LIU
  • DING Feng
  • Woody
  • Lex Zhu
  • Hui JIN
  • Yang Haitao
  • CHANG Chaowei
  • Jiaqiu QIU
  • FANG Qing
  • Madi Ju
  • Bu Tan
  • Liang LIU
  • Shi Xiongzhou
  • Elizabeth Radshaw
  • Julie Campfield
  • Gune Hyoung
  • He CHANG
  • Dai LI
  • Qi Zhao
  • Post-00s
  • As Tough as My Father
  • Voice of the Earth
  • Panda Go Home
  • Walk · Dunhuang
  • Born to Save You
  • Online Celebrity
  • Go with the Flow
  • This Is Life
  • The Road of Dance
  • Not My City
  • Human China
“Fresh Pitch” Training Workshop simulates the actual process of a pitch and trains the presenters by presenting the theme, plot, budget, and trailer to trainer, hearing the feedback, analyzing any possible questions related to investment, pre-sale and broadcasting, with an aim to improve the success rate of their programs.
Date of Training & Test Pitches: To be confirmed.
FreshPitch not only gathers innovators in the documentary field in China and abroad along with decision makers with crossover fusion, but also attracts major emerging forces within the industry.
FreshPitch is a venture platform for documentaries with the primary mission of producing and discovering fresh and high-quality content with an aim to providing documentaries with a more extensive range for a broader market and with more diversified means of consumption.