Content setting

Pitch Collection:Openly collect excellent pitches world-widely.Emphasizing on improving success rate on the premise of ensuring quality.

Decision-maker Invitation:Focus on decision-makerteams with new field,new industry and new concept,in order to bring fresh blood and energy to real image creation.

Pitch on-site:Pitch owner will make on-site pitching facing global decision-makers.

One-on-one Meeting:Pitch owner and decision-maker will have one-on-one meeting through appointment mechanism.

Fresh Dialogue:Cross-border dialogue,to stimulate thinking,real image meets with future technology,to open up an unimaginable dialogue.

FreshScreening:Experimental films with innovated art themes and creative techniques will be invited,especially those FreshPitch products that are already completed will be broadcast and communicated.

Fresh Media Lab:Cooperate with IDFA DocLab,to invite cross-border photography artists and presnent innovative products on above scientific field on site.

The Award: FreshPitch winner will be awarded certificate as well as correspondent supporting fund.