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APRIL 1st, 2017  "FreshPitch" News Center 


FreshPitch not only gathers innovators in the documentary field in China and abroad along with decision makers with crossover fusion, but also attracts major emerging forces within the industry


A new force in the traditional Chinese documentary industry:

Beijing Mooze Film & TV Media Co., Ltd 

Yunji Media Co., Ltd

Zhaoqi Films 

Suning Universal Culture & Sports Group   

NeoMedia (Beijing) Inverstment Co., Ltd.

Chinese new media platforms:

Tencent News& Comments Department

Youku Documentary

Pear Video 

Vice China




Roi Festival

MaCANN Beijing

Tropic of Caner Documentary Angle Fund

VR technology pioneers/broadcast platform:

KanDao Technology Co.,Ltd

Caixin Video

LeVR Technology (Beijing)  Co.,Ltd

International Authority:

Yaddo and The WHY Foundation

Discovery Networks 

EBS Korea 

EDN - European Documentary Networks

Ro*co Films International

Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival