About FreshPitch

"The Concept of FreshPitch"


April 1st, 2017  "FreshPitch" News Center 

FreshPitch is a venture platform for documentaries with the primary mission of producing and discovering fresh and high-quality content with an aim to providing documentaries with a more extensive range for a broader market and with more diversified means of consumption. Building upon its solid foundation in the documentary field, FreshPitch handpicks more professional and innovative pitches from the top level of the industry, and relies on the momentum of emerging media to help excellent creators to gain a broader vision and to be more creative.

-Gather producers with high-quality content: fresh ideas, the ability to produce and crossover fusion

Combine emerging forces within the industry: creators with new ideas and new methods, new technology and new business modes;

Establish a producer-based pitch evaluation system: guarantee success of pitches and return on investment;

Provide effective production service with the highest professional standards;

Editor: Xiao Ye