About FreshPitch

About FreshPitch

The first FreshPIitch was held in 2016, as a platform focusing on the discovery and production of real image content transactions and cultural exchange.

FreshPitch is based in China and integrates the world's top industry resources. It is rooted in the real image and at the same time conducts in-depth cross-border cooperation in the fields of science and technology, media and design, etc.

FreshPitch brings together cross-regional, cross-industry and cross-cultural experts and image creators, with pre-sale transactions of pitches as the core section, porfessional forums and project promotion as the key content, and screening and crossover activities as side events. It will bring China's real image creators and their works to the world stage, and also give the world a fresh perspective on young China.

In 2016,FreshPitch collected 106 pitches from world-wide, with 7 short-listed for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the Sundance Film Festival, and the Houston International Film Festival, etc. Seven films were broadcast on platforms and two pitches were funded to complete the film.

In 2017.FreshPitch collected 115 pitches globally and helped four to participate in the international film festivals including the International DocumentaryFilm Festival Amsterdam and the Sunny Side of the Doc. Two films were screened and four pitches were funded to complete the film.